What is the history of Dumaguete City?

As earlier constituted, in 1898, Dumaguete was included in Negros Oriental. After the Philippine-American War, on May 1, 1901, a civil government was established by the Americans in the Province of Negros Oriental, including Dumaguete with the first city-mayor Meliton Larena Y Aureola.

Who founded Dumaguete?

It was Pedro Murillo Velarde, in 1734, indicated the present name of Dumaguete for settlement. In 1890, the Negros Island was divided into two politico-military provinces, the Occidental and Oriental.

What is the culture of Dumaguete City?

The City of Dumaguete is the hub of culture for the island of Negros. As the capital of the Negros Oriental it’s the central meeting place for all of the province’s people. The island inhabitants gather here to sell their goods and wares in the City’s Market and in various parks during various fiesta’s.

When was Dumaguete founded?

July 15, 1948
Creation. The City of Dumaguete was formally created on July 15, 1948, under Philippine Congressional Republic Act No. 327, also known as the “Charter of the City of Dumaguete”.

Is Dumaguete City poor?

DUMAGUETE CITY, Philippines — Negros Oriental remained in the top ten list of the poorest provinces all over the country with a poverty incidence of 50.1 percent, as of the latest survey.

Why is Dumaguete beautiful?

You’ll never run out of Dumaguete beach, pools and lakes to swim in. After all, this province is known for its unique water formations and beautiful swimming attractions. A fun swimming destination is the Forest Camp in Valencia, a less than a 30-minute drive away from Dumaguete City.

What Festival is celebrated in Dumaguete?

Buglasan Festival, also known as “The Festival of Festivals”, is one of the most waited festivals in Negros Oriental. It is celebrated annually in Dumaguete City, the capital of the province in the middle of October since 2002.

What are the characteristics of Dumaguete City?

Dumaguete City: The City of Gentle People It is known as a university town; as a gateway to some of the best dive sites in the country; and as the City of Gentle People because of the endearing qualities of its residents: friendly, mild mannered, warm, innately hospitable, and speaking in a gently sweet Visayan accent.

Is Dumaguete city poor?

Why is Dumaguete called the City of gentle people?

“The City of Gentle People” is the enduring nickname Dumaguete has been known for, because of its amiable people and genteel way of life which has endeared it to visitors.