What is the horse ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

The Steeplechase
The Steeplechase is a three tracked racing roller coaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, England. It is a custom design made by Arrow Dynamics. The ride was officially opened in 1977 by Grand National winner Red Rum, whose hoof print was also taken and is on display near the ride’s exit.

Is the steeplechase still at Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

Steeplechase is a three-tracked roller coaster located at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in Blackpool, Lancashire, England, UK. It was opened in 1977 and was built by Arrow Dynamics. It is the only operating steeplechase style roller coaster left in the world.

Do you have to pay to go to Pleasure Beach?

No, we are currently not offering Pleasure Beach Passes (Non-rider Pass) or Ride Tickets. The only way to gain entry to Blackpool Pleasure Beach is to purchase an eTicket. This applies to everyone, except for carers and children aged under 2*.

How much does it cost to get into Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

Ticket Pricing

Ticket Type Price
Adult (Gate Price) £42.00
Adult (Online) From: £32.00
Junior (Gate Price) £36.00
Junior (Online) From: £28.00

Will I fit on the rides at Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

Most rides you will be OK on Pleasure Beach. Older rides are fairly generous on room. On wooden coasters advise sit solo in seat, (I always do) unless other rider is small.

How fast is the steeplechase?

Saddle up and get ready to go 0 to 40 mph in less than 2 seconds while you giddy-up along a 1,476-foot track, featuring a series of “jumps” and 65-degree curves that would challenge the best of jockeys. Steeplechase is the perfect ride for anyone chomping at the bit for fun!

When did steeplechase Open in Blackpool?

1977Steeplechase / Opened

How much are Pleasure Beach tickets?

Can you pay just to walk around Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

By purchasing a Blackpool Pleasure Beach Non-Riders pass for £6.00, you’ll be able to explore all the fantastic things that feature behind our gates!