What is the largest hog on record?

Big Bill
To mark this special day, let’s take a look at some porcine record-breakers… History’s Largest pig was Big Bill, a Poland-China breed who weighed in at a hefty 1,157 kg (2,552 lb) and was 2.74 m (9 ft) long.

What is the biggest wild boar ever killed?

An 11-year-old Alabama boy used a pistol to kill a wild hog that just may be the biggest pig ever found. Jamison Stone’s father says the hog his son killed weighed a 1,051 pounds and measured 9-feet-4 from the tip of its snout to the base of its tail.

What is a massive hog?

Description. The giant forest hog is, on average, the largest living species of suid. Adults can measure from 1.3 to 2.1 m (4 ft 3 in to 6 ft 11 in) in head-and-body length, with an additional tail length of 25 to 45 cm (9.8 to 17.7 in).

How big was Big Bill the pig?

5 feet
The largest pig in history was a swine called Big Bill, who stood at 5 feet (1.52m) tall and weighed an impressive 2,552 lbs (1,157 kilograms), according to Guinness World Records.

Do you need a license to hunt wild hogs in Texas?

For those who hunt feral hogs for trophy and/or food, a Texas hunting license is required. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) outlines license requirements and specific legal hunting methods in its annual hunting and fishing regulations publication, the Outdoor Annual.

Why do wild hogs get so big?

The average wild hog weighs anywhere from 110-200 pounds and stands about 30 inches at the shoulders, and it’s not uncommon to find pigs that reach 300 pounds. But sometimes, genetic conditions, predator scarcity, and food availability combine to produce porkers of staggering enormity.

What is the biggest hog killed in Texas?

“And you get up there close and you get a big adrenaline rush and I guess that’s what keeps us stuck to the game.” The largest hog ever killed on record weighted in at an unbelievable 1,051 pounds. A nearby taxidermist measured that animal and reported that its tusks were at least 5 inches long.