What is the max value of nvarchar?

You must specify max of the NVARCHAR column. The size of this parameter cannot exceed 255 bytes. When you place an index on an NVARCHAR column, the maximum size is 254 bytes. You can store shorter, but not longer, character strings than the value that you specify.

How do I get more than 8000 characters in SQL?


  1. Using VARCHAR(MAX) instead on VARCHAR(8000)
  2. Using NVARCHAR(MAX) instead of NVARCHAR(4000)
  3. Using nTEXT (BLOBs are not support for variables)
  4. Executing the statement via .NET using the SqlCommand.CommandText (it accepts a data type of String which is limited to 8000 characters)

Which is the appropriate datatype to store a maximum length of 8000 characters that can contain variable length Unicode characters?

In practical scenarios, varchar(n) is used to store variable length value as a string, here ‘n’ denotes the string length in bytes and it can go up to 8000 characters.

What NVARCHAR 4000?

nvarchar [ ( n | max ) ] Variable-length Unicode string data. n defines the string length and can be a value from 1 through 4,000. max indicates that the maximum storage size is 2^31-1 bytes (2 GB). The storage size, in bytes, is two times the actual length of data entered + 2 bytes.

What is bigger varchar Max?

Do you need nvarchar rather than varchar? For fast, accurate and documented assistance in answering your questions, please read this article. one of the table field length more than Nvarchar(max). nVarchar(max) can store over 1 billion characters in it.

Which datatype would get 8000 Maximum characters both variable length and non code data?

Character Strings Data Types

Sr.No. DATA TYPE & Description
1 char Maximum length of 8,000 characters.( Fixed length non-Unicode characters)
2 varchar Maximum of 8,000 characters.(Variable-length non-Unicode data).
3 varchar(max) Maximum length of 2E + 31 characters, Variable-length non-Unicode data (SQL Server 2005 only).

Which of the data type has a storage size of 8 bytes?

SQL Data Types

Data Type Size / bytes Description
INT 8 Signed 64-bit integer, requiring 8 bytes of storage
BIGINT 8 Signed 64-bit integer, requiring 8 bytes of storage
INT8 8 Signed 64-bit integer, requiring 8 bytes of storage
SMALLINT 8 Signed 64-bit integer, requiring 8 bytes of storage

What is Nchar NVARCHAR?

The NCHAR data type is a fixed-length character data type that supports localized collation. The NVARCHAR data type is a varying-length character data type that can store up to 255 bytes of text data and supports localized collation.

Is nvarchar 4000 the same as nvarchar Max?

The answers is: there is no different between nvarchar(7) and nvarchar(4000) in term of performance & storage size. There is an interesting thing is that: if you change nvarchar(7) or nvarchar(4000) to nvarchar(max). There is a difference in term of performance & storage size.

Which datatype would get 8000 Maximum characters both variable-length and non code data?