What is the meaning of Anguttara nikaya?

Item-more Collection
Anguttara Nikaya (“Item-more Collection”; Sanskrit Ekottarikagama), a numerical arrangement, for mnemonic purposes, of 9,557 terse suttas. Its first nipata (“group”) contains suttas dealing with single things, such as the mind or the Buddha; the suttas in the second nipata speak of pairs—e.g., 2 kinds of…

Who has written Anguttara nikaya?

The commentary to the Aṇguttara Nikāya, known by the title of Manorathapūraṇī, was composed by Buddhaghoṣa in the 5th century.

How many suttas are there in Samyutta nikaya?

7,762 individual suttas
Samyutta Nikaya (“Cluster Collection”; Sanskrit Samyuktagama), a total of 7,762 individual suttas, some quite brief, arranged more or less by subject matter into 56 samyuttas, or “clusters.” The best known of these is the Dhammacakkappavattana-sutta (“Discourse on the Turning of the Wheel of the Law”), which contains …

How many Nikayas are there for bhikkhus?

Majjhima Nikaya is one of the original Pali canons of 5 Nikayas. I praise Bhikkhu Bodhi for his life long devotion of learning and translation of this Nikaya as well as being a monk for his life. His translation from Pali to English on this book is the best I have ever known.

How many Pitakas are there?

three pitakas
The three pitakas are Sutta Pitaka, Vinaya Pitaka and Abhidhamma Pitaka. Theravāda school Tripitaka is the only complete Tripitaka preserved in Pali.

Who was Anand to Buddha?

Ananda, (flourished 6th century bc, India), first cousin of the Buddha and one of his principal disciples, known as his “beloved disciple” and devoted companion. Ananda entered the order of monks in the second year of the Buddha’s ministry and in the 25th year was appointed his personal attendant.

Do female monks shave their heads?

Head Shaving Today Practices do vary somewhat from one school to another, but the monastic ordination ceremonies of all schools of Buddhism include head shaving. It’s common for the head to be mostly shaved prior to the ceremony, leaving just a little on top for the ceremony officiant to remove.

What are the 3 pitakas?

The Tripiṭaka is composed of three main categories of texts that collectively constitute the Buddhist canon: the Sutra Piṭaka, the Vinaya Piṭaka, and the Abhidhamma Piṭaka.