What is the meaning of Cela?

Cela is a girl’s name meaning “blind”, “sixth”, “the moon”, or “heavenly”. It is related to the Latin and Old Welsh name Cecilia, the Greek name Celena, and the Latin name Celeste.

How do you use Cela in French?

Just as là commonly replaces ici in spoken French (Je suis là > I’m here), French speakers tend to use cela to mean either “this” or “that.” Ceci only really comes into play when one wants to distinguish between this and that: Je ne veux pas ceci, je veux cela.

What is the difference between Ceci and Cela?

Demonstrative pronouns ceci (this) and cela (that) refer to an idea or indefinite expression. Ceci is the contraction of ce + ici (=this), whereas cela is the contraction of ce + là (=that).

Is Cela a Pronom?

Ceci and Cela When followed directly by any other verb, or when devoir or pouvoir are followed by any verb other than être, the indefinite demonstrative pronoun is ceci or cela: Ceci va être difficile à croire.

What language is cela?

In French, cela and ça mean it, this or that. Both refer to a statement, an idea or an object. ça is used instead of cela in everyday, informal French.

What is the difference between Celle and celui?

The demonstrative pronoun has four main forms: masculine singular: celui. feminine singular: celle. masculine plural: ceux.

What is the difference between celui ci and celui là?

Celui-ci means this one attached to a masculine singular noun, let’s say un piano. Par exemple: Tu veux celui-ci? Do you want this one? Celui-là means that one attached to a masculine singular noun.

How do you use Celle?

Celui, celle, ceux and celles can be used with de to mean something belonging to someone/something, for example:

  1. Tu parles de quelle maison, celle de David? – Which house are you talking about, David’s? (literally, that of David)
  2. Mais si, tu connais cette chanson, c’est celle de David Guetta !

How do you use Celle and celui?

They must agree with the gender and number of the noun(s) they replace. The French demonstrative pronouns are: celui – masculine singular. celle – feminine singular….Followed by a Relative Pronoun, Plus a Dependent Clause.

English Masculine Feminine
this, that celui celle
these, those ceux celles

What is the difference between ceux ci and Celles CI?