What is the meaning of Heterotis Niloticus?

The African arowana or Nile arowana (Heterotis niloticus) is a species of bonytongue.

What is the English name of Heterotis Niloticus?

African bonytongue
Heterotis niloticus (African bonytongue)

What is the common name of Heterobranchus?

Common Name Used in Type
Vundu-malle Denmark Vernacular
Cur Sudan Vernacular
Catfish Ghana Vernacular

How can you tell Heterobranchus Longifilis?

Diagnosis: length of rayed dorsal fin 27-36% standard length; 26-35 dorsal-fin rays; length of adipose fin 24-34% standard length; width of vomerine tooth plate 25.0-32.2%, and width of premaxillary tooth plate 29.5-36.9% head length (Ref. 57129, 81644).

How do you identify Heterobranchus Bidorsalis?

Description. The head of Heterobranchus bidorsalis is shaped like an oval and has a rectangular dorsum. The snout is round and the eyes are lateral. The frontal fontanelle is long and narrow while the occipital fontanelle is relatively long and is shaped like an oval.

What is the common name of Gymnarchus Niloticus?

Gymnarchus niloticus – commonly known as the aba, aba aba, frankfish, freshwater rat-tail, poisson-cheval, or African knifefish – is an electric fish, and the only species in the genus Gymnarchus and the family Gymnarchidae within the order Osteoglossiformes.

What is Heteroclarias?

Heteroclarias hybrid juveniles are hybrid products of cross between male Heterobranchus longifilis and Female Clarias gariepinus. They are very rugged and disease resistant, and they consume less feed when compared to clarias species. They attain bigger sizes than Clarias spp, and they weigh much higher at harvest.

What is the English name of Heterobranchus Bidorsalis?

Heterobranchus bidorsalis, the African catfish or eel-like fattyfin catfish, is an airbreathing catfish found in Africa. It is closely related to the vundu catfish, which is well-known among fishermen….

Heterobranchus bidorsalis
Order: Siluriformes
Family: Clariidae
Genus: Heterobranchus
Species: H. bidorsalis

What is hybrid catfish?

For decades, it’s been known that hybrid catfish—a cross of the fast-growing channel catfish with its close relative, the slower growing and larger blue catfish—generally have better growth, higher survival, and better meat yield than either channel or blue catfish.

What is the family of Heterobranchus Bidorsalis?

Airbreathing catfishesHeterobranchus bidorsalis / Family

Which nest is prepared by Gymnarchus?

Osteoglossomorpha. In contrast, Gymnarchus niloticus (Gymnarchidae) prepares a large floating nest from the matted stems of swamp grasses, biting off the stems and fashioning them into a trough-shaped structure with an internal length of about 50 cm (20 inches).