What is the meaning of reputable in a sentence?

having a good reputation and able to be trusted: I insured my property with an established, reputable company.

What is an example of reputable?

Reputable definition A well-respected brand with a good reputation is an example of a brand that would be described as reputable. Having a good reputation; honourable. He was a reputable businessman. Having a good reputation; honorable.

Does reputable mean trustworthy?

A reputable company or person is reliable and trustworthy.

What is another synonym for reputable?

well thought of, highly regarded, well respected, respected, respectable, with a good reputation, of repute, of good repute, creditable, esteemed, prestigious, estimable. established, well known.

What is reputable person?

adjective. having a good reputation; honoured, trustworthy, or respectable. (of words) acceptable as good usage; standard.

Who is a reputed person?

A person of great or fine repute is someone who’s widely known and highly respected. The word has a stuffy feel, so you’re better off describing a cellist as being of great repute than, say, a rapper or comedian.

What does highly reputable mean?

adjective. having a good reputation; honoured, trustworthy, or respectable.

Does reputable mean famous?

reputed adjective (FAMOUS) famous and with a good reputation: These comments were provided by reputed experts on the subject.

What does it mean to be well respected?

held in high respect;
held in high respect; esteemed.

What is the difference between reputed and reputable?

is that reputable is having a good reputation; honourable while reputed is pertaining to a reputation accorded to another.

What is high reputable?

highly-reputed: having a good reputation or status. adjective.

How do you describe someone who is respected?

Something or someone respectable is honest, good, and proper. Respectable behavior includes things like contributing to charity, volunteering at an animal shelter, and helping your friends study vocabulary. Anything or anyone respectable deserves respect for being honorable or moral.