What is the medical treatment for Hirschsprung?

For most people, Hirschsprung’s disease is treated with surgery to bypass or remove the part of the colon that’s lacking nerve cells. There are two ways this can be done: a pull-through surgery or an ostomy surgery.

What is the most common treatment for Hirschsprung’s disease?

Doctors typically treat Hirschsprung disease with a type of surgery called a pull-through procedure. In some cases, doctors recommend ostomy surgery followed by a pull-through procedure. Children with Hirschsprung disease most often feel better after surgery.

Can Hirschsprung disease be treated without surgery?

The only treatment for Hirschsprung’s is surgery. All children will have to undergo a procedure at some stage to connect the healthy portion of bowel to their anus in order to allow them to pass bowel motions normally.

What is the surgical procedure for Hirschsprungs disease?

To fix intestinal obstruction caused by Hirschsprung’s disease, surgeons at Boston Children’s Hospital perform a type of surgery called a pull-through procedure. The goal of pull-through surgery is to remove the diseased section of your child’s intestine and then pull the healthy portion of this organ down to the anus.

Can Hirschsprung disease be cured?

Hirschsprung’s disease cannot be cured on its own. It can be fatal for children who do not have surgery. After surgery, most children lead normal lives. They may have minor health problems as a result of the disease.

How do you manage after surgery of Hirschsprungs disease?

In the long-term, experience has taught us that even after surgery, patients with Hirschsprung’s disease often have significant bowel dysfunction. This typically can be managed with a combination of dietary measures, oral medications, or enemas.

Can you poop with Hirschsprung disease?

Waste from digestion cannot pass through the part of the colon lacking nerve tissue. The normal colon swells with blocked stool. Hirschsprung’s (HIRSH-sproongz) disease is a condition that affects the large intestine (colon) and causes problems with passing stool.

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Is there any natural treatment for Hirschsprung disease?

• Surgery is the treatment of Hirschsprung disease. What are the dietary management of Hirschsprung Disease? • Increase the intake of fluids. • Include high fiber diet in meals. • Laxatives are helpful. Is Hirschsprung Disease Curable? • In most cases, symptoms improve or go away after surgery.

What is the prognosis of Hirschsprung disease?

What is the prognosis (outlook) for people who have Hirschsprung disease? Most children with Hirschsprung disease gain weight, grow and thrive after surgery to correct the problem. Rarely, a child may need a second (revisional) pull-through surgery.

What is the best diet for Hirschsprung’s disease?

If your child has constipation after surgery for Hirschsprung’s disease, discuss with your doctor whether to try any of the following: Serve high-fiber foods. If your child eats solid foods, include high-fiber foods. Offer whole grains, fruits and vegetables and limit white bread and other low-fiber foods.

Is Hirschsprung disease life threatening?

Hirschsprung’s disease is a birth defect of the intestines in which nerves in the wall of the intestine do not form properly. Children with Hirschsprung’s disease are unable to defecate or pass stool, which can cause bowel obstruction. It can be life threatening if left untreated.