What is the moral of Shravan Kumar story?

Moral: Always respect and care for your elders like Shravan Kumar and don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes like Dashrath.

Who was Shravan Kumar short answer?

Shravan Kumar was a devoted and obedient son. He used to carry his old and blind parents for pilgrimage. One day he was passing through the forest around Ayodhya. His parents asked him to bring water.

Is Shravan Kumar married?

As per Ramayana, Shravan Kumar sacrificed his life by being single to take care of his blind parents, but in India most men also want to get benefits of married life and expecting their wives to be Shravan Kumar for their parents.

Where did Shravan Kumar left his parents?

The spot where Dashratha shot his arrow came to be known as Sarwara and the place where Shravan’s parents died is called Samadha.

How did Shravan Kumar fulfill the wish of his parents?

Answer: He wanted to fulfil his parent’s desires so he created a balance like device where he could carry his parents on his shoulders and take them on the pilgrimage. During their travel, Shravan Kumar offered his parents some fruits from the forest. They ate the fruits happily but never had any corn or cereal.

Why is Shravan famous?

Why is Shravan kumar famous? Answer: Shravan kumar is famous for his devotion and obedience to his blind parents. Question 5.

Who killed Shravan Bal?

Shravana Kumara (Hindi: श्रवण कुमार), mentioned in the ancient Hindu text Rāmāyana, known for his filial piety towards his parents, was killed accidentally by King Dasharatha.

How did Shravan Kumar parents become blind?

While both of his parents were blind, they became blind in the same moment when they failed to keep their promise to Bhagwan Shri Brahma who blessed the couple with a son but warned that, if they looked at him, they would lose their vision.

What did Shravan do for his parents?

Shravan had devoted his life to serving his blind parents. He took care of every wish of his parents. His whole life was centredon serving his parents. Once his parents expressed their desire to go on a pilgrimage but since they were blind, they could not go there alone.

Why did dashrath killed Shravan Kumar?

According to the Ramayana, while hunting in the forest of Ayodhya, then-Prince Dasharatha heard a sound near a lake and unleashed an arrow, hoping to hit an animal. When he crossed the lake to collect his kill, he found that his arrow had fatally struck a teenage boy who was bleeding.

How would shravana carry his parents?

So, Shravan decided to take his parents to the pilgrimage. He made two large strong baskets and tied each basket on either side of a long bamboo stick. He made his parents sit on each basket and carried them on his shoulder. He then left for the pilgrimage carrying his parents on the shoulder.

What did shravan do for his parents?