What is the most stairs ever Ollied?

The Lyon 25 is the biggest set of stairs ever ollied on a skateboard. First attempted by Ali Boulala in 2003, the set was landed by Jaws in 2016.

Who can do the highest ollie?

The highest switch stance ollie was 40.125 inches (101.92 cm), performed by Gavin Caperton. The Guinness World Record for the greatest number of consecutive ollies is held by David Tavernor(Norwich, UK), who successfully performed 323 ollies on August 23rd 2021.

How tall is the Lyon 25?

14 feet 9 inches
He also appeared on the cover of Thrasher magazine’s March 2016 issue by landing an ollie over Lyon 25, a 25-stair, measuring at a height of 14 feet 9 inches and a length of 22 feet, first made famous (though never landed) by Swedish skateboarder Ali Boulala in Lyon, France.

Where is the Lion 25 stair?

Lyon, France
A staircase in Lyon, France, is the kind of place that can make those moments. Massive in scale, its 25 steps rise from a tessellation of small bricks into a frightening edifice.

Can you do an ollie on a skateboard?

Now that you know the basics, here is how to do an ollie on a skateboard:

  • Position your feet.
  • Add the right pressure to the back of your board.
  • Wait until you feel the board touch the ground to jump.
  • Jump, letting your front foot drag upwards.
  • At the peak of your jump, get ready to land.

What is the longest staircase in North America?

The Howe Street stairs, built-in 1911, is one of the longest stairways of its kind, spanning an elevation of 160 feet.

What is the longest ollie ever?

45 in
The highest skateboard ollie measured 45 in (114.3 cm) and was achieved by Aldrin Garcia (USA) at the Maloof High Ollie Challenge in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, on 15 February 2011. Garcia was required to ollie over a rigid high bar without making contact with any part of his body or board.