What is the name of SpaceX landing barge?

SpaceX first launch vehicle landing barge (Marmac 300), and also its third (Marmac 303), were both named Just Read the Instructions (JRTI).

Did SpaceX land on the barge today?

The private space company SpaceX has successfully landed a rocket on a barge floating in the Atlantic ocean. It launched from Cape Canaveral with a cargo ship heading for the International Space Station. Shortly after take-off the rocket detached and was successfully landed on the barge.

Where is the SpaceX barge?

The vessel rode on a barge through the Panama Canal before arriving in Southern California on July 6. SpaceX will use the new drone ship in rotation with “Just Read the Instructions” to support missions from Cape Canaveral.

How does SpaceX ship land?

SpaceX has two options when it comes to landing its rockets: on a floating platform at sea or at a designated landing pad. Return to launch site landing requires more fuel so it isn’t always feasible, especially if the Falcon 9 is carrying a massive payload.

Where is of Course I Still Love You now?

Port of Long Beach
Of Course I Still Love You (OCISLY) is an autonomous spaceport droneship (ASDS) that is operated out of the Port of Long Beach, California. Of Course I Still Love You was previously based in Florida from 2015 to 2021….Missions.

Mission Role
Starlink 4-11 ASDS
Starlink 4-4 ASDS
Starlink 2-1 ASDS

What is an Octagrabber?

The Falcon 9 Securing Robot, universally known as Octagrabber, is the name given to two robots that operate on SpaceX’s droneships, Of Course I Still Love You, Just Read the Instructions and A Shortfall of Gravitas. The Octagrabber robots have four arms and tracks.

How far off the coast is the SpaceX barge?

Following stage separation, SpaceX will try to soft land the first stage on the “Of Course I Still Love You” drone ship positioned about 400 miles (650 km) off shore of Florida’s east coast in the Atlantic Ocean.

Why does SpaceX land on water?

Using the floating barge in Florida as an example, all launches from Florida head East over the Atlantic Ocean; a barge in the sea reduces the travel distance back to Earth to perform a landing, as the rocket doesn’t have to travel as far.

How does the SpaceX rocket land back on Earth?

The landing sequence included three engine burns to slow the rocket upon descent. The third and final burn — the landing burn — began just before touchdown and provided the booster with a soft descent before landing back on Earth.

Is Falcon 9 autonomous?

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 first stage has landed both on land at Cape Canaveral, and on a floating landing platform known as the Autonomous Spaceport Droneship (ASDS), shown in Figure 2.