What is the oldest lease?

A 999-year lease, under historic common law, is an essentially permanent lease of property. The lease locations are mainly in Britain, its former colonies, and the Commonwealth.

Is 99 years lease valid in India?

A property can be leased out for a period of time between 30 years to 99 years. 99 years lease is basically if anyone has purchased the land as a 99 year leasehold, that person will be the owner of the property for 99 years only after that the land will be given back to the original land owner.

Which countries have a 99-year lease?


  • British Hong Kong – The Convention for the Extension of Hong Kong Territory resulted in the 99-year lease of the New Territories from the Qing Empire to the British Empire in 1898.
  • Magampura Mahinda Rajapaksa Port – Sri Lanka to China.

What will happen to my flat after 100 years?

The development authority of a particular area provides land development rights to developers and sells properties for a lease of 99 years. This means that anyone who purchases a residential or commercial property will own it only for a period of 99 years, after which the ownership is given back to the landowner.

Are 99-year leases legal?

Can a 99-year lease be extended?

There is a lease top-up that you can pay to SLA directly to extend your tenure to 99 years again. For example, if your lease has 50 years remaining, you will top up an amount so that it will revert back to 99 years.

How do 999 year leases work?

Put simply, acquiring a 999 year lease enables a flat owner to have a title that is ‘as good as freehold’ and therefore more marketable than for example a 85 year lease. The leases will also give the flat owners rights and obligations in respect of each other, which protects each other’s interests.

What is the difference between 999 years and freehold?

The common understanding is that freehold properties can be held indefinitely by the buyer, while 99-year leasehold properties will revert back to the state after the tenure ends. The 999-year leasehold properties also technically revert back to the state after the tenure ends.

Why are leases 99 years and not 100?

Why is a 99-year lease not 100?