What is the opposite of innervated?

Opposite of to provide something that motivates or inspires. deter. discourage. disincentivize. calm.

What does Intervating mean?

1. To supply (an organ or a body part) with nerves. 2. To stimulate (a nerve, muscle, or body part) to action. in′ner·va′tion n.

What does it mean to be innervated?

1 : to supply with nerves. 2 : to arouse or stimulate (a nerve or an organ) to activity.

What is the synonym of innervated?

To suffuse with vigor, life, energy, or spirit. vitalize. stimulate. envigorateUK. invigorateUS.

What is a innervation in anatomy?

Medical Definition of innervation 1 : the process of innervating or the state of being innervated especially : the nervous excitation necessary for the maintenance of the life and functions of the various organs. 2 : the distribution of nerves to or in a part.

What is the innervation of a muscle?

Visualize the nerve supply to any muscle, and follow its path back to the nerve origin.

How do you use innervate in a sentence?

This rapidly changing population of follicles is always innervated, independently of their size and condition. Also in these species blood vessels are richly innervated. The nervous system innervates the muscles that control the respiratory system, the vocal cords, and the vocal tract.

Are bones innervated?

Bone tissue is innervated by both myelinated (A beta and A delta fiber) and unmyelinated (C fiber) sensory neurons. In combination, they can provide an initial burst of pain, initiated by the faster myelinated fibers, followed by a slower and longer-lasting dull pain initiated by unmyelinated fibers.

Is the heart innervated?

The heart is innervated by parasympathetic and sympathetic fibers. The medulla is the primary site in the brain for regulating sympathetic and parasympathetic outflow to the heart and blood vessels.

What is innervation in muscle?

The word innervate sounds like what it is — it means to “put the nerves into” something. When nerves go into muscle fiber, they innervate the muscle fiber. Innervate is to supply nerves to something, but it can also mean to energize. Think of all the energy you have when you get nervous!

Do nerves innervate muscles?

The nerves of the arm are responsible for providing motor innervation to all of the muscles within the upper extremity.

What is a innervation anatomy?