What is the origin of Speckle Park cattle?

SaskatchewanSpeckle Park / Origin

Are Speckle Park cattle any good?

With 75% of the Speckled beef grading AAA and 42% of the top ten in the competition were Speckle parks. Why do I love the speckles? These moderate framed, polled animals have calving ease, excellent mothering and milking.

What breeds make up Speckle Park cattle?

Speckle Park is a combination of three breeds of British cattle — Angus, White Park and Teeswater Shorthorn. It was developed in Canada over a period of several decades, but only officially became a breed in 2006.

What are Speckle Park cattle good for?

Consistently high quality carcass with particularly high marbling and yet less fat than most Angus and other high marbling breeds. In Canada butchers and meat graders are very impressed with the consistently high quality of the Speckle Park carcass.

What is Speckle Park beef?

The Speckle Park breed is a Canadian creation. Speckle Park were created and developed in two western Canadian provinces – Saskatchewan and Alberta. Speckle Park as a breed consistently produce moderate sized well marbled carcasses with a minimal fat cover.

Are Speckle Park easy calving?

Speckle Park are an easy calving breed with a typical birth weight of 30 to 40Kg. Calves are very vigorus at birth and will be up standing and suckling withen minutes. Cows produce a great supply of milk, are very maternal but with a very gentle disposition.

How much is a speckle park cow?

Majority of the yearling heifers, from 320-420kg, sold from $2200-$2600, with the lightest heifers at 227kg receiving $1900.

How is a Speckle Park bred?

The Speckle Park was developed in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan from 1959, by cross-breeding stock of the British Aberdeen Angus and Shorthorn breeds; the spotted or speckled pattern for which it is named derived from a single bull with the colour-pointed markings of the British White Park.

How much is a Speckle Park cow?

How big do Speckle Park Cows get?

600 kgs to 850 kgs
Speckle Parks are moderate sized. Mature cows range in weight from 600 kgs to 850 kgs and mature bulls 1,000 kgs + Calves average 30 to 40 kgs at birth and wean off at about 230 kgs to 370+ kgs.

What is F1 Speckle Park?

What does F1, F2, F3, etc mean? F1 (first cross) is 50% Speckle Park and 50% another breed. When you cross that F1 female with a purebred Speckle Park bull, you get an F2 Speckle Park, with 75% Speckle Park content and 25% another breed.

What is a F2 Speckle Park?