What is the point of a roof curb?

A roof curb is an elevated platform on a roof that supports some piece of equipment or roof penetration. Because roof curbs are sometimes a part of a roof, they must be able to keep out moisture and debris, while providing a spot to anchor the equipment. Most commercial buildings will require some type of roof curb.

What is a curb for a fan?

A curb is basically a metal box for the exhaust fan to sit on. It may look simple, but it plays a very important role in your ventilation system. Curbs are generally used only for rooftop exhaust fan installations, and while some wall mounted fans may use a curb, they usually only require the use of a mounting bracket.

What is a vent curb?

A Roof Curb is a metal frame used as a platform for mounting a roof vent or fan. As a result, this platform will provide additional height allowing for installation in all climate zones. Proper installation ensures that the accessory has a level platform for attachment.

How does an Upblast exhaust fan work?

Two Types of Exhaust Fans While an upblast fan exhausts or blows air up and away from the fan, a downblast fan actually blows air back down towards the fan base after pulling it up through the duct work. That may be the most noticeable difference, but the most important difference isn’t nearly as visible.

How do roof curbs work?

The curb creates an opening in a roof, separating the roofing material and providing structural support for the equipment that will sit on it. In an RTU application, the inside of the curb will contain supports where ducts will hang so the air can flow through the roof into the inside of the building.

What is roof blocking?

Rafter blocking is an essential part of the roof framing process in that the blocks provide a stop for ceiling insulation and a continuous surface for the roof sheathing to be edge nailed to. Each block is 2×4 or 2×6 depending on the size of the rafters, and is secured to the top plate.

What is a HVAC curb?

In the context of HVAC RTUs, a curb is a device used for mounting one of these heavy systems on a rooftop. The curb creates an opening in a roof, separating the roofing material and providing structural support for the equipment that will sit on it.

What does Upblast mean?

: a blast that exerts force upward.

What are Upblast fans?

A key component in an exhaust hood system for any application is the upblast exhaust fan. The main purpose of the upblast exhaust fan is to pull out water vapor, fumes, odors, and warm air out from inside your building and moving it outside.

What are some uses for rooftop curbs?

Rooftop curbs are raised metal frames designed for mounting structures safely to your roof….Common applications are:

  • Hatches — Hatches provide a means of accessing the roof.
  • Skylights & smoke vents — We offer skylights, smoke vents, and combination assemblies that let both light in and harmful gases out.