What is the punishment for Iblis?

As punishment for his haughtiness, God banished Iblis from heaven and condemned him to hell.

Is civil marriage allowed in Islam?

They must contract a Muslim marriage. Parties do not have the option of a civil marriage unless either one or both parties renounce their Islamic faith. Heterosexual couple where both parties are non-Muslim. Parties must enter into a civil marriage.

Can I marry my mother’s sister daughter in Islam?

Yes you can. I married my mother’s sister’s daughter. In Islam you can marry your first cousins. You cannot marry your mother’s or Father’s own sister if you are a man.

Is Forced Marriage Haram?

Forced marriage is not allowed in Islam. Both the groom and the bride must consent to the marriage. The consent of the woman is essential, and must be obtained, and any marriage which is forced is considered to be batil or void.

How did Iblis trick Adam?

He wanted to enter heaven to trick Adam, to tempt both of them with wicked suggestions so that they would eat the fruit of the tree. He begged every animal to let him hide inside it so that when that animal crossed the gates of heaven, Iblis would find an easy pass. All animals declined, except for the snake.

Who are the five sons of Iblis?

Each of them has a specific mission, an evil one. The sources call them ‘the eggs of Iblis’. They proliferation like humans and they are more numerous. Their names are: Dasim, Aawar, Misout, Thabar or Theber, and Zalanpur or Zalinbor.

What are jinn made of?

Although generally invisible, jinn are supposed to be composed of thin and subtile bodies (ad̲j̲sām), they can change at will. They would favor the form of snakes, but also appear as scorpions, lizards or as humans. They even might engage in sexual affairs with other humans, and produce offspring.