What is the purpose of QIAGEN spin columns?

QIAGEN spin columns ensure highest-quality sample purification for unbiased results in qPCR, PCR and NGS. Leverage technologies your customers already use. QIAGEN’s spin columns are an integral part of several molecular biology and diagnostics workflows used by laboratories worldwide.

How does QIAGEN DNA extraction work?

QIAamp DNA technology yields genomic, mitochondrial, bacterial, parasite or viral DNA from human tissue samples ready to use in PCR and blotting procedures. During the QIAamp DNA purification procedure, DNA binds specifically to the QIAamp MinElute or QIAamp silica-gel membrane while contaminants pass through.

What is the purpose of the QIAGEN spin column procedure within the miniprep?

Performance. The QIAprep Spin Miniprep Kit enables purification of up to 20 μg molecular biology grade plasmid DNA or cosmid DNA for use in routine molecular biology applications such as PCR, sequencing and cloning.

How do QIAGEN columns work?

QIAGEN resin works effectively over a wide range of pH conditions (pH 6–9) and/or salt concentrations (0.1–1.6 M). This property optimizes the separation of nucleic acids — highly negatively charged, linear polyanions — from other substances and provides the highest possible nucleic acid quality.

How do DNA spin columns work?

The basic principle of silica gel solid support spin columns is fairly simple. DNA is bound to the silica membrane spin columns in the presence of high concentrations of chaotrophic salts, contaminants are washed away, and DNA is eluted from the silica membrane in water or low-salt buffer.

How does a spin column work?

Spin-column extraction is a solid phase extraction method, which utilizes the fact that the target molecules bind to immobilized silica in the column. The cells are first lysed in lysis buffer and the lysate is allowed to bind to the silica in the spin-column.

How does a spin column help in DNA extraction purification?

Are Qiagen spin columns interchangeable?

Are the columns of the QIAquick PCR Purification-, Gel Extraction-, and Nucleotide Removal Kit interchangeable? Yes – all QIAquick Spin Kits contain identical columns, but different binding buffers optimized for each specific application.