What is the purpose of the cotillion dance?

So the main purpose of a cotillion is to teach respectful manners to young people so they can go out into society and thrive. Debutante balls are different in that they celebrate the actual joining to society for young people.

What age is cotillion dance for?

Typically a southern American tradition, a cotillion ball is a season of etiquette classes for middle-school aged children (ages 11 — 13). This season ends with a final dinner-dance where proud parents and teachers gather to watch the participants show off their table manners, conversation etiquette, and dance moves.

What is a cotillion for black people?

MEMPHIS, Tenn — A debutante cotillion is the introduction of a young woman into society. The tradition has been traced as far back as the early 1600’s. Over centuries, it has changed tremendously. Local 24 News Reporter, Brittani Moncrease, shows us how Black organizations have helped reshape the debutante culture.

What age is cotillion Girls?

A cotillion or débutante ball in the United States is a formal presentation of young women, débutantes, to “polite society”, typically hosted by a charity or society. Those introduced can vary from the ages of 16 to 18 (younger ages are more typical of Southern regions, while older are more commonplace in the North).

What type of dance is cotillion?

The cotillion (also cotillon or French country dance) is a social dance, popular in 18th-century Europe and America. Originally for four couples in square formation, it was a courtly version of an English country dance, the forerunner of the quadrille and, in the United States, the square dance.

Is cotillion a boy or girl?

Whereas a “cotillion” is for both boys and girls around the middle school age. Southern Living tends to agree. But it’s easy to see how they’re similar… participants receive lessons in etiquette, manners, and social graces and there is always a dancing component.

Is cotillion a southern thing?

Cotillion is a charming tradition in the American South that attempts to mold children into fine young ladies and gentlemen through a series of formal and informal dances. If it sounds stuffy and antiquated and exclusive, that’s because it is.

What are 3 types of dances that happened at cotillions?

Here, too, waltzes, mazurkas, fun, games and boisterous behaviour at private parties took on a more important role, and only some figures of the earlier dances survived. Finally the term cotillion was used to refer to the ball itself and the cotillion and quadrille became the square dance.

Why is it called cotillion?

The word cotillion was first used in 18th-century France and England to describe a group dance that is considered to be a forebearer of the square dance (à la the dancing in Pride and Prejudice). This specific dance came to be considered a good finale for any ball, which seems to translate well to its use today.

Who invented cotillion?

The cotillion is a formal social dance that began in the early 18th century Europe by French royalty. Later it became popular in England among families of nobility and white families in the United States of great wealth, especially in the South.

Why is it called a cotillion?