What is the range of a ukulele?

The tone and volume of the instrument vary with size and construction. Ukuleles commonly come in four sizes: soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone….Ukulele.

String instrument
Developed 19th century in Hawaii (introduced by the Portuguese)
Playing range
C4–A5 (C6 tuning)
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How high should the bridge be on a ukulele?

Depending on the ukulele, we like to set the action at 2.5mm to 3.0mm in height. This is the distance between the strings and the 12th fret. If the strings are too high, the instrument becomes uncomfortable to play, if the strings are too low, it can cause fret buzz.

Where should the bridge be on a ukulele?

Bridge: The bridge is mounted on the top of the body of the ukulele just below the sound hole with a saddle mounted on top of it. The bridge is where you will secure the strings at the body of the ukulele, usually done by knotting one end of the string.

What is the difference between a concert and a tenor ukulele?

Tenor is the next step up from the concert in size. The scale for the tenor ukulele is about two inches longer, the neck is just a little wider, and overall it’s a little heavier than the concert. The extra length allows for wider spacing between the frets. This makes tenor ukuleles suited for fingerpicking.

What is a compensated ukulele saddle?

A compensated saddle includes ‘grooves’ or ‘notches’ where the high E, B and G strings rest. This adjusts the length of the string ‘compensating’ for accurate ‘intonation’ so the guitar sounds in tune with notes played higher up the fretboard. A non-compensated excludes any grooves and is flat across the surface.

What is the saddle on a ukulele?

The parts of the uke that hold the strings at the correct length are the nut (at the top end of the uke by the tuners) and the saddle held in the piece of wood glued on to the body of the uke below the sound hole. The distance between these two is the scale length.

Is tenor better than concert?

As a general rule, increasing the body size of an acoustic instrument results in more volume, bass, and warmth. This is why tenor ukuleles are usually a little fuller and richer sounding than equivalent concert ukes. Of course, some people are drawn to the slightly more bright and sparkly tone of a concert.