What is the replacement for SCCM?

Microsoft has Renamed System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM)

Which is better SCCM or Intune?

SCCM, the rubber mallet, can – and should – be used for big jobs, like deploying Windows 10 on bare metal machines. Intune, our ball-peen hammer, is more useful in scenarios that require finesse, like managing updates to mobile devices and applications.

What is end of life for Windows Server 2022?

Support Dates

Listing Start Date Mainstream End Date
Windows Server 2022 Nov 2, 2021 Oct 13, 2026

Should I use Server 2022?

If you have a large enterprise-grade virtual setup or planning for scalability in your cloud or data center, then Windows 2022 Data Center or Azure Data Edition with advanced security and management features is the right choice for you. You may like: Monitor Windows Servers using these platforms.

Should I upgrade to Windows Server 2022?

There is not much to be said in favor of an early upgrade to Windows Server 2022 due to limited innovations. The most important argument for it would be the increased security of the new OS, especially due to the features that Microsoft subsumes under the name Secured Core.

What is better than SCCM?

Choosing an SCCM Alternative Tools like SolarWinds Patch Manager, NinjaOne Patch Manager and ManageEngine Desktop Central stand out as alternatives that offer you a complete patch management experience at a competitive price point.

How long will SCCM be around?

Co-management use by Microsoft will decline to “10 percent by July 2023” and will “naturally dwindle to zero,” the pulled article stated. The notion that SCCM is dead for Microsoft comes from former Microsoft employee Michael Niehaus, who issued a Twitter post to that effect in response to Microsoft’s article.