What is the root word of pericardium?

pericardium (n.) “membranous sac which encloses the heart,” early 15c., from Medieval Latin pericardium, Latinized form of Greek perikardion “(membrane) around the heart” (Galen), from peri (prep.) “around, about” (see peri-) + kardia “heart” (from PIE root *kerd- “heart”).

What does Pleuropericarditis mean?

Medical Definition of pleuropericarditis : inflammation of the pleura and the pericardium.

What does pericardium mean in medical terminology?

Definition of pericardium 1 : the conical sac of serous membrane that encloses the heart and the roots of the great blood vessels of vertebrates.

Is the combining form for the term pericardium?

a combining form occurring in compounds that denote tissue or organs associated with the heart, as specified by the initial element: myocardium; pericardium.

What is the suffix of pericardium?

Once divided into parts, pericarditis can be translated: the prefix “peri” translates to “surrounding,” the root “card” translates to “heart,” and the suffix “itis” translates to “inflammation.” Hence, pericarditis is an inflammation of the area surrounding the heart, or an inflammation of the outer layer of the heart.

What is a word root medical terminology?

Medical terms can be divided into three basic word elements: prefixes, roots (or stems), and suffixes. The root or stem of a medical term usually has been derived from a Greek or Latin noun or verb.

What causes Pleuropericarditis?

The most common causes of acute pleuropericarditis (APP) include idiopathic or viral pericarditis, uremia, bacterial infection, pericardiotomy associated with cardiac surgery, tuberculosis, and drugs. APP is known to be caused by autoimmune diseases, especially systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis.

How do you get pericardial effusion?

Pericardial effusion can result from inflammation of the pericardium (pericarditis) after an illness or injury. In some settings, large effusions may be caused by certain cancers. A blockage of pericardial fluids or a collection of blood within the pericardium also can lead to this condition.

What is the suffix in pericardium?

What is the prefix of resection?

-ectomy. removal; excision; resection.

What does the root Ophthalm refer to?

Ophthalm- comes from the Greek ophthalmós, meaning “eye.” Related to ophthalmós is ṓps, Greek for “eye” or “face,” and source of such combining forms as -opia, -opsia, and opto-. The Latin word for “eye” is oculus, source of the combining form oculo-.

What comes after a root word?

Roots give words their fixed meaning. Prefixes and suffixes can then be attached to the roots to form new words. Root. Meaning. Example.