What is the safest area of Los Angeles?

The 10 Safest Places to Live in Los Angeles

  • Mar Vista.
  • Beverlywood.
  • West Hollywood.
  • Bell Gardens.
  • Glendale.
  • Pico Rivera.
  • Playa Vista.
  • Hidden Hills. Hidden Hills is a suburb of LA with a population of just 1,634.

Where are the safest neighborhoods in LA?

Safe, Affordable Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

  • Encino.
  • Los Feliz.
  • Playa Vista.
  • Porter Ranch.
  • Studio City.

What is the safest city to live in Los Angeles County?

Third in the ranking is Beverly Hills, the posh LA County city made famous by the television show, Beverly Hills 90210, and its various offshoots and reboots….Safest Cities in California, 2019.

Rank City Safety Index
1 Hillsborough 0.89
2 Palos Verdes Estates 0.84
3 Beverly Hills 0.66
4 Coronado 0.53

Is downtown LA safe to live?

Downtown Los Angeles, also known as Skid Row, is one of the most dangerous areas of the city. Los Angeles is known to be dangerous because of a large homeless population, gang activity, and a high rate of violent crimes. If you travel to Los Angeles, make sure to stay in safe areas known for tourism.

Where in LA should I avoid?

➌ Avoid dangerous neighborhoods. Skid Row, Lincoln Heights, Watts, Crenshaw, Chinatown, Park Mesa Heights, and West Adams. Also, it’s very easy to just wander into a bad neighborhood. Areas can change in a block or two, so don’t explore if you’re lost.

What is the best area of Los Angeles to live in?

Culver City This location is excellent, especially because you have some other not-so-known beaches, like Marina del Rey, just around the corner. It’s one of the most up-and-coming neighborhoods in LA.

What is the safest suburb?

Safest Sydney Suburbs by Crime Score

Suburb Total Crimes Crime Score
Bonnet Bay 32 0.013
Westleigh 49 0.017
Davidson 41 0.018
Clontarf 31 0.018

Do celebrities go to Santa Monica?

Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck, Reese Witherspoon, Sean Penn, Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Kayne West are among the most frequent celebrity visitors to Santa Monica.