What is the sensitivity of GeneXpert?

It was observed that GeneXpert has a high sensitivity (84.3%) and specificity (100%) for detection of MTB effusions. Furthermore, the sensitivity was 72.2% and specificity 100% of GeneXpert for pericardial fluids and for pleural fluids sensitivity was 90% and specificity 100%.

What is the limit of detection LOD of GeneXpert MTB RIF?

131 CFU/ml
The analytical limit of detection of the GeneXpert assay is reported to be 131 CFU/ml of specimen, based on spiked-sputum studies (3).

What is Xpert MTB RIF assay?

The Xpert MTB/RIF assay is a new test that is revolutionizing tuberculosis (TB) control by contributing to the rapid diagnosis of TB disease and drug resistance. The test simultaneously detects Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTBC) and resistance to rifampin (RIF) in less than 2 hours.

What does MTB Not Detected mean?

As shown in Figure 1, an Xpert MTB/RIF result can indicate that M. tuberculosis (MTB) was not detected, MTB was detected and was not resistant to rifampicin (that is, it is rifampicin susceptible), or that MTB was detected and it was resistant to rifampicin.

Is GeneXpert a gold standard?

(Table 4). Using Culture MGIT as the gold standard, the GeneXpert correctly identified M. tuberculosis in 95 of 121 Culture MGIT positive samples while LPA correctly identified M. tuberculosis in 119 of 121 Culture MGIT positive samples.

What is RIF resistance?

RIF resistance is a predictor of MDR TB because resistance to RIF, in most instances, co-exists with resistance to INH. Rapid diagnosis of RIF resistance potentially allows TB patients to start on effective treatment much sooner than waiting for results from other types of drug susceptibility testing.

What is the meaning of MTB detected low?

It means normal tuberculosis medication can be given to the patient.

What is the most reliable test for TB?

The most commonly used diagnostic tool for tuberculosis is a skin test, though blood tests are becoming more commonplace. A small amount of a substance called tuberculin is injected just below the skin on the inside of your forearm. You should feel only a slight needle prick.

Can GeneXpert detect latent TB?

The GeneXpert system can identify TB bacteria from sputum samples. It is also able to test whether any TB bacteria present is resistant to rifampicin (RIF) – a frontline TB drug. The system is cartridge-based, easy to use and provides results in 90 minutes.

What is RIF resistance indeterminate?

Results that are positive for MTBC and indeterminate for RIF resistance mean that the test could not accurately determine if the bacteria are resistant to RIF. Growth-based susceptibility testing to first-line TB drugs should be performed.

What is Xpert MTB RIF Ultra?

The Xpert MTB/RIF assay is an automated molecular test that has improved the detection of tuberculosis and rifampicin resistance, but its sensitivity is inadequate in patients with paucibacillary disease or HIV. Xpert MTB/RIF Ultra (Xpert Ultra) was developed to overcome this limitation.