What is the sentence for texting and driving?

The base fines for violating the texting prohibition are $20 for the first offense and $50 for a second or subsequent offense. Again, additional penalty assessments can make the fine more than double the base amount. Violations that occur within 36 months of a prior will result in one demerit point.

What is the maximum fine for texting and driving in Indiana?

On July 1, 2011, it became unlawful to type, transmit, or read e-mail or text messages on a communication device while driving in Indiana. Violators may face fines of up to $500. Texting and driving is dangerous for you, your passengers, and everyone on and near the roads.

How big of a problem is texting and driving?

General Cell Phone Statistics The National Safety Council reports that cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year. Nearly 390,000 injuries occur each year from accidents caused by texting while driving. 1 out of every 4 car accidents in the United States is caused by texting and driving.

Which state has the highest penalty for texting while driving?

Oregon secures the position of the strictest state for texting while driving with a maximum fine of $1,000 for the offense, which is 10 times the median fine in the U.S., according to a recent study from Rosenblum Law.

How can police prove you were texting while driving?

The prosecution have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you were actually driving and using the phone. For example, a police officer will give evidence to say that he or she seen you driving whilst holding a mobile phone up to your ear.

What happens if you get caught on your phone while driving?

The Law. It is illegal to use a handheld mobile phone or similar device when driving, stopped at traffic lights or queuing in traffic. You will receive a fine of £200 and 6 penalty points if you are caught using a handheld phone while driving. Points on your licence could result in higher insurance premiums.

Is texting and driving a felony in Indiana?

If you get ticketed for texting and driving in Indiana, you could be charged with a Class C infraction. You may be given fines of up to $500 and points on your license. Depending on the circumstances of your violation, you could also be charged with reckless driving.

How much is a ticket for being on your cell phone in Indiana?

A law banning cellphone use took effect in July 2020 to combat distracted driving. That law allowed tickets of up to $500 against violators but delayed by a year any state Bureau of Motor Vehicles points toward a driver’s license suspension.

How many points do you get for being on your phone?

Penalties for using a Mobile Phone while Driving

Applies to… Offence Penalty
Hand-held Mobile Phone Illegally using a Hand-Held Mobile Phone or Device while Driving 6 points
Hands-free Mobile Phone Not exercising proper control of your vehicle 3 points