What is the service cost of aquaguard?

AMC Price Membrane
AMC Plan 1 999.00 No
AMC Plan 2 2450.00 No
AMC Plan 3 2500.00 No
AMC Plan 4 4000.00 Yes

Can I exchange aquaguard?

Within what time period do I have to return the product? You can conveniently return any product purchased on eurekaforbes.com within 30 days from the date of purchase.

How do I complain to aquaguard?

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What is annual maintenance cost of RO water purifier?

between ₹2,000 to ₹6,000 per year
An RO water purifier’s maintenance cost can be anywhere between ₹2,000 to ₹6,000 per year, which includes the cost of replacement of the RO membrane, other pre-filters and post-filters, UV lamp, and the labour cost.

Is it necessary to change filter in aquaguard?

Aquaguard NRICH HD UV Water Purifier” for last 2 years. It stops for every 6000 ltrs. Even though the filters in good condition. In Aquaguard they replace all filters amounts to 5000 rs for every 6000 ltrs.

What can I do with old aquaguard?

Always call our E-waste Authorized Collection centers / points to dispose products that have reached end-of life. Always drop your used electronic products batteries or any accessories when they reach the end of their life at your nearest Authorized E-waste Collection Centers point.

Who is the owner of Eureka Forbes?

Shapoorji Pallonji Group
Advent International
Eureka Forbes/Parent organizations

What to do if aquaguard is not working?

If there is power supply, you can check whether you have inserted the plug correctly. Loose connections can also be one of the reasons for your RO water purifier to stop working. If you are satisfied there are no loose external connections, you should contact your AMC provider or the authorised service centre.

How much does changing an aquaguard RO filter cost I pay 4800 every year for it is it justified?

This costs around INR 1,000 – 1,200 depending on brands. For RO water purifier – RO Membrane and Sediments filter needs a change generally around a year. This costs somewhere around INR 4,500 – 5,500 depending on brands.

What is the maintenance cost of Eureka Forbes water purifier?

Also be aware of the annual maintenance contract after one year is around 4500, each year which no sales person will inform you about.