What is the size diameter of Saturn?

72,367 miSaturn / Diameter
It is easy to forget just how large Saturn is, at around 10 times the diameter of Earth. And with a diameter of about 72,400 miles (116,500 kilometers), the planet simply dwarfs its retinue of moons. One of those satellites, Tethys (660 miles or 1,062 kilometers across), is seen here at lower right.

What is Saturn’s mass and diameter?

It has an equatorial diameter of 119,300 kilometers (74,130 miles), and its volume would enclose 750 Earths! The mass of Saturn is 95 times the mass of Earth. However, Saturn’s gravity is only 1.08 times the gravity on Earth because Saturn is such a large planet.

What is the diameter and radius of Saturn?

With a radius of 36,183.7 miles (58,232 kilometers), Saturn is 9 times wider than Earth. If Earth were the size of a nickel, Saturn would be about as big as a volleyball. From an average distance of 886 million miles (1.4 billion kilometers), Saturn is 9.5 astronomical units away from the Sun.

What is the diameter of the rings around Saturn?

The major rings have a diameter of 270,000 km (170,000 miles), yet their thickness does not exceed 100 metres (330 feet), and their total mass is only about 1.5 × 1019 kg, about 0.41 times the mass of Saturn’s moon Mimas (see below Significant satellites).

What is the circumference of Saturn?

235,298 miSaturn / Circumference

How many Saturns can fit in the Sun?

Saturn has a diameter of approximately 120.536 km / 74.897 mi and a radius of around 58.232 km / 36.183 mi. It is quite massive as well, having the equivalent of 95.16 Earth masses. It would take more than 1,700 Saturn-sized planets to fill the Sun.

What is the size and weight of Saturn?

Bulk parameters

Saturn Ratio (Saturn/Earth)
Mass (1024 kg) 568.32 95.16
Volume (1010 km3) 82,713 763.59
Equatorial radius (1 bar level) (km) 60,268 9.449
Polar radius (1 bar level) (km) 54,364 8.552

Is Saturn a round?

They are nearly perfect spheres, like marbles. But some planets aren’t quite so perfectly round. Saturn and Jupiter are bit thicker in the middle. As they spin around, they bulge out along the equator.

What is the circumference of Saturn in KM?


Discovered By Known by the Ancients
Orbit Circumference Metric: 8,957,504,604 km English: 5,565,935,315 miles Scientific Notation: 8.958 x 109 km By Comparison: 9.530 x Earth
Average Orbit Velocity Metric: 34,701 km/h English: 21,562 mph Scientific Notation: 9.6391 x 104 m/s By Comparison: 0.324 x Earth