What is the story behind Santa Lucia?

According to tradition, St. Lucy consecrated her virginity to God, angering a suitor. She was reported to the Roman authorities and was eventually sentenced to death by fire. Although she miraculously survived the flames without harm, she was then fatally stabbed in the neck.

What is Lucia in Swedish tradition?

In Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland, Lucy (called Lucia) is venerated on 13 December in a ceremony where a girl is elected to portray Lucia. Wearing a white gown with a red sash and a crown of candles on her head, she walks at the head of a procession of women, each holding a candle.

Why does Sweden celebrate Christmas on the 24th?

Celebrating on the 24th of December It is, in fact, a part of the Nordic culture to celebrate most holidays on the eve of. The reason for this is the way the Nordic countries used to measure time and dates. Based on ancient ways of counting time, a day would typically start after sundown.

What do Swedes call Christmas Eve?

On Christmas Eve, or Julafton, Swedes celebrating Christmas attend church services. They return home to a traditional family dinner including a buffet dinner (smörgåsbord) with ham, pork, or fish, and a variety of sweets. After the festive Christmas Eve dinner, someone dresses up as Tomte.

Why does Christmas end on January 13th in Sweden?

“We previously ended Christmas on the 13th day [after December 24th, ed.], but due to the calendar reforms [to adopt the Gregorian calendar in the 1700s, ed.], we have also moved the end of Christmas.

Why did St Lucia wear candles on her head?

Lucia (or St. Lucy), a Christian saint who was killed by the Romans in 304 CE because of her religious beliefs. It is said that St. Lucia took food to persecuted Christians in hiding, wearing candles on her head to light her way so she could have both hands free.

Is Lucia of Fátima still alive?

February 13, 2005Sister Lúcia / Date of death