What is the synonym of crank?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for crank. coil, reel, wind.

What is the slang term crank?

Crank, slang term for powdered substituted amphetamines, especially methamphetamine.

What does crank out mean?

Definition of crank out transitive verb. : to produce especially in a mechanical manner crank out a manuscript.

What does it mean to crank it up?

to increase something
us/ˈkræŋkˈʌp/ to increase something, esp. the sound of a radio, television, or stereo: The kids cranked up the volume on the stereo. The pressure to succeed in school has been cranked up a notch.

What is cranking construction?

Crank is a slight bending in bars at the lap so that maintains the clear cover even at the lap position. The rule that is generally practiced is that the slope of crank 1:10 & minimum length of crank 300 mm.

What is the opposite of crank?

Opposite of feeling or expressing joy, jubilation, or triumph. low-spirited. sullen. down. depressed.

Where did the term crank come from?

“ Crank’ is an old- school term for meth, and comes from its early days when outlaw motorcycle gangs would hide the drug in the crankcases of their bikes.

What does crunch time mean?

a critical moment
Definition of crunch time : a critical moment or period (as near the end of a game) when decisive action is needed.

Where did the term crank it up come from?

tv. to start something up. (Probably alludes to the old style car that had to be started with a crank.)

What is crank bar in civil engineering?

A crank bar is provided to make RCC slab safe from compressive stresses. When these bars are provided, the strength and deformation capacity of slabs with bent up bars compared to slabs without bent up bars is sufficiently increased. Purpose Of Crank Bar: Crank bars are generally provided.