What is the temperature in Mongolia in January?

Weather in January. January, the same as December, in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, is a polar cold winter month, with average temperature fluctuating between -25.9°C (-14.6°F) and -15.6°C (3.9°F).

What is the weather like in Ulaanbaatar in January?

January Weather in Ulan Bator Mongolia. Daily high temperatures increase by 4°F, from 2°F to 6°F, rarely falling below -10°F or exceeding 18°F. The lowest daily average high temperature is 2°F on January 9. Daily low temperatures are around -18°F, rarely falling below -31°F or exceeding -6°F.

What should I wear in Mongolia?

Wear layers of clothing; wool, cotton under fleeces, thermal underwear, cotton or cashmere pullovers, polar jacket and furs. Selection of cotton or woolen socks, leather boots (worn in and comfortable), gaiters if skiing, cashmere under gloves, woolen hat with ear flaps, wind proof gear.

Is Mongolia safe for tourists?

Crime: Mongolia is a relatively safe country for foreigners. However, both street crime and violent crime are on the rise, especially in the larger towns and cities. Crime typically peaks during the Naadam summer festival in July and during the Tsagaan Sar (Lunar New Year) festival in January or February.

Can you drink alcohol in Mongolia?

Alcohol As A Tool One reason for the high level of alcoholism is the sheer availability of alcohol. Mongolia has one shop selling alcohol for every 270 people, the highest number anywhere in world.

Do Mongolians speak English?

English is another widely spoken foreign language in Mongolia. For many Mongolians, English is replacing Russian as the most common foreign language spoken. This is a reflection of Mongolia in its post-Communist times. Among many, there is a desire to participate in the global market.

Is Mongolia the coldest country in the world?

Look at that natural beauty! Mongolia isn’t the world’s coldest country, but its lowest temperature on record (which was only last year!) is still hard to fathom.