What is TiBase abutment?

TiBase Abutments are implant solutions that include a titanium base, abutment screw and scanbody. They feature individually manufactured mesostructures, provisional restorations or final restorations that can be glued on the TiBase.

What is the difference between engaging and non engaging abutments?

Engaging abutments are are designed to lock into the specific anti-rotational shape (hex, star, etc.) of the implant’s interface. However, a non-engaging abutment does not have this anti-rotational feature. Rather, the design doesn’t quite “interact” or lock the same way between the abutment and implant.

What is hybrid abutment?

Abstract: The hybrid abutment emerged as an alternative to maintain a stable and favorable volume of peri-implant tissue; it is composed of a mesostructure in ceramic and a metallic connection, which can be machined according to the peri-implant emergence profile.

What is a dental TiBase?

TiBase Kits contain a titanium base and an abutment screw. The base serves as a bonding platform for zirconium oxide ceramic mesostructure once it has been milled to specifications in a dental laboratory inLab unit. The abutment screw attaches the glued parts to the matching implant in the patient’s mouth.

What is non hex abutment?

A non hexed or non hex abutment are generally used when dental prosthetic units need to be connected, such as in the case of a bridge. This is due to the fact that using hex abutments for this purpose is quite difficult, and placement can be challenging due to line of insertion.

What is a multi-unit implant abutment?

Multi-unit abutments (MUA) are specialized abutments that are commonly used in coordination with zygomatic dental implants, as well as full arch replacements, which are also known as all-on-four dental implants. MUA are available in a variety of sizes and angulations.

What is Mua in dental?

The Multi-unit Abutment is carefully designed to rehabilitate both edentulous and partially edentulous arches, particularly when using the clinically and scientifically proven All-on-4® treatment concept.

What are Ti bases?

A Ti-base is simply a titanium interface of whichever implant system is used. The Ti-base is flat and engages the implant with a little sleeve that extends out to receive the zirconia overframe and attaches via cement.