What is too windy for a bouncy castle?

When setting up, carry out the following safety checks in line with the inflatable’s operator manual: No inflatable should be used in winds above 24 mph (38 kmph), which is Force 5 on the Beaufort Scale (small trees in leaf begin to sway)

How many kids died in the bouncy castle?

Touching tribute to six children killed in a freak accident where a bouncy castle was blown into the air by a gust of wind and they fell 10m to their deaths.

How much wind does it take to lift a bounce house?

If winds blew more than 10 mph, the company advised the family that they should not use the bounce house. This advice was echoed by Backyard Sidekick, which also encouraged those renting a bounce house to secure it.

Why do bouncy castles explode?

Air naturally escapes from the seams which means that a continuous stable pressure is maintained and as a result, a bouncy castle cannot be overinflated to the point where it would burst.

How safe are bouncy castles?

Injuries caused by bouncy castles can be serious. Statistics show that more than 10,000 children are injured in bouncy castle accidents every year.

Are bouncy castles usually tied down?

Most bouncy castles are top heavy and it is very important that they are tied down securely so that they don’t lean to one side or even topple over in the event of power loss or extreme weather conditions.

What is bouncy castle tragedy?

The children fell about 10m (32ft) after a wind blew the castle skywards at a Tasmania school fair on Thursday. Police identified the victims as 11-year-old Addison Stewart, and 12-year-olds Zane Mellor, Jye Sheehan, Jalailah Jayne-Maree Jones, and Peter Dodt.

What is the jumping castle tragedy?

In November 2020 two children suffered multiple fractures after the jumping castle in Tabbita, near, Griffith, in New South Wales became airborne. In China in 2019 two children were killed and 20 others were injured when a jumping castle was also blown away.

How windy is too windy for an inflatable?

One of the greatest dangers when using inflatables is wind. A strong gust of wind can pull the stakes anchoring a bounce house or slide out of the ground and send it flying through the air with people on it. Inflatables should never be used if winds are higher than 20 miles per hour.

Can inflatables explode?

Bouncy Castles and other inflatables use continuous air flow to stay inflated which allows the air to escape from the seams of the inflatable – this maintains a continuous stable pressure and means that the bouncy castle or inflatable will never explode due to being over-inflated or from the heat.

Can you get a concussion from a bounce house?

Bounce houses can cause serious injuries, from broken bones to concussions. Since they can be packed full of kids, even trampling injuries can result. When your child is injured in a bounce house, a hospital visit may be in order.