What is varactor diode explain?

Varactor Diode Varactor diode is a type of diode whose internal capacitance varies with respect to the reverse voltage. It always works in reverse bias condition and is a voltage-dependent semiconductor device. Varactor diode is known by several names as Varicap, Voltcap, Voltage variable capacitance, or Tunning diode.

What is varactor diode Mcq?

Varactor diode refers to the variable Capacitor diode, which means the capacitance of the diode varies linearly with the applied voltage when it is reversed biased.

What is the advantage of varactor diode?

Advantages of varactor diode: It generates less noise as compared to other PN junction diode. The power loss due to noise is low. It is portable due to the small size and also a lightweight.

What is the main feature of a varactor diode?

Varactor Diode Characteristics The characteristics of varactor diodes are: The increase in reverse voltages increases the value of capacitance. The functionality of the diode is dependent on the reverse biased mode of the diode. These are available in compact sizes.

What is the symbol of varactor diode?

Symbol of Varactor Diode The symbol of the varactor diode is similar to that of the PN-junction diode. The diode has two terminals namely anode and cathode. The one end of a symbol consists the diode, and their other end has two parallel lines that represent the conductive plates of the capacitor.

What is the use of varactor diode in radio receiver?

Varactor diodes are mainly used in Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCOs) and RF Filters for tuning the receiver to the incoming signal or different stations.

What is the use of varactor diode in radio receiver Mcq?

What is the application of varactor diode in microwave generator Mcq?

Explanation: Varactors are used between the reverse saturation point and a point just above the avalanche region. The capacitance variation and the reverse voltage swing are limited to between the operating regions mentioned above.

What are the limitations of diode?

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Diode ➨Semiconductor diode can not withstand very high reverse voltage. ➨It offers poor response. ➨It has reverse saturation current. ➨Noise level is high in semiconductor device at high frequencies.