What is vato slang for in Spanish?

Bato is a Spanish slang term that means, roughly, “guy, buddy, or dude.” It always pertains to males. Vato, with a v, is also used, but has a different connotation, and can be seen as vulgar and offensive. Related words: papi.

What is the meaning of odele vato?

1. ( slang) (used to express encouragement) (Mexico) come on, dude (slang) ¡Órale, vato!

What does vato mean in Latin?

rock, stone, cobble.

What is the meaning of Vatos Locos?

Crazy Brothers
Vatos Locos (in English, Crazy Brothers) is a Chicano slang term that means crazy brothers. It is also used as the name of multiple small gangs around the USA, Canada and Mexico. Many “Vatos Locos” use the colors red, black, green or brown.

What is Órale ese?

1. ( colloquial) (used to express approval) (Mexico) a. OK!

Who started Vatos Locos?

Based on his database consisting of around 3,500 archives on gangs in the Americas, the associate researcher indicated that the gang Vatos Locos was created during the 1940s in Los Angeles by Mexicans and Mexican-Americans.

What does Chale mean in Spanish slang?

discontent, disappointment
Mexicans use “chale” to express discontent, disappointment, anger, or annoyance. A possible translation in English is: “you’re kidding,” but it is not very literal. Example: -Le robaron su billetera. -¡

What color is a vato?

You’re My Only Vato – Mexican Lager This Lager is pale blonde in color with a light body and a crisp quick finish. The use of corn in the mash gives it its distinct malt flavor.

Who is the leader of Vatos Locos?

Oscar Chavez, who had come home to the District after going absent without leave from the Marines, was convicted in D.C. Superior Court of murder in three of the slayings. Prosecutors portrayed him as the driving force behind the violence of Vatos Locos, or “Crazy Guys.”

What does Spensa mean in Spanish slang?

storehouse. More meanings for spensa. storehouse noun. horreum, thesaurum, promptuarium, thesaurus, cella. Simply so How do you say the B word in Spanish?