What is wibu-key used for?

The WIBU-KEY is a small device that fits into one of the USB ports of a computer. If all of your USB ports are in use, you can purchase a USB hub to create 4 or more USB ports out of one USB port. The WIBU-KEY is used to manage licenses. The amount of licenses a firm owns is programmed into the WIBU-KEY.

What programs use WibuKey?

WibuKey is a hardware protection key for ARCHICAD and other Graphisoft products. It has been used for ARCHICAD since version 7.0. Since ARCHICAD 13, both WibuKey and CodeMeter keys are available for ARCHICAD. From ARCHICAD 19 on only CodeMeter hardware and software-based protection keys are supported.

What is wibu box ru?

Description. The WibuBox/RU+ is the WibuKey protection hardware for con- nection to the USB interface of PCs, Apple Macintosh and others. Encryption works with WibuKey algorithm 3 or 5 depending on the nonvolatile stored Standard Entry. This entry may have an additional entry – data, expiration date or limit counter.

How do I get rid of WibuKey?

Clean uninstall of WibuKey: – Remove all WibuBoxes. – Open “Control Panel | Programs and Features” and uninstall WibuKey.

What is WibuKey on Mac?

CodeMeter (hardware and software based) and WibuKey (hardware-based) are protection keys for Archicad and other GRAPHISOFT products. A protection key is necessary to run Archicad and other GRAPHISOFT products in commercial mode.

What is WibuKey network server is not running?

To fix this issue, run the program “Server Monitor” founder under “Start > All Programs > WibuKey”. Once open, click the second toolbar icon to “browse network”. Once the scan is complete, the “WibuKey Server List” will list all machines running the Network Server service.

What is WibuKey Server Manager?

The WIBU-KEY Server Application is an application that offers services to WIBU-KEY Clients which run in the same LAN (Local Area Network). On all computers where an ARCHICAD runs a Wibu-Key Client is also set up (If the ARCHICAD package has been properly installed and WIBU option has been chosen at installation).

How do I update my wibu CodeMeter?

How to update the CodeMeter Runtime

  1. Open the CodeMeter Control Center from Run > All Programs > CodeMeter.
  2. Click on the Help menu and then on About.
  3. The version number will be shown on the About window.
  4. Run the Codemeter Runtime Installer following the prompts.