What keyboards do Depeche Mode use?

Now, you’ll get right into the heart of the Depeche Mode backline, as Peter guides us through the synth stations of founder members Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher, and reveals the crucial role played by the Roland A-800PRO MIDI Keyboard Controller.

How old is Andy Fletcher?

60 years (1961–2022)Andrew Fletcher / Age at death

Is Andy Fletcher married?

Gráinne MullanAndrew Fletcher / Spouse (m. 1991)

Is Depeche Mode synth pop?

Back in the early ’80s, four lanky Brits calling themselves Depeche Mode, armed only with primitive synthesizers, started churning out pop hits. Nearly 40 years later they’ve sold over 100 million albums and are one of the most popular live acts on Earth.

What synth just cant get enough?

The 12-inch single featured a “Schizo Mix”, which is an extended version with additional synth parts adding a sinister feel to the track….Just Can’t Get Enough (Depeche Mode song)

“Just Can’t Get Enough”
Recorded July 1981
Studio Blackwing (London)
Genre Synth-pop new wave
Length 3:41 (7″ version) 6:46 (12″ version)

Who died in Depeche Mode?

Andy “Fletch” Fletcher
Andy “Fletch” Fletcher, the co-founder and keyboardist of beloved synth-pop and New Wave stalwarts Depeche Mode, died at the age of 60. Fletcher’s bandmates announced his death Thursday on social media; Rolling Stone has confirmed that the cause of death was natural causes.

Who’s died from Depeche Mode?

keyboardist Andy Fletcher
Depeche Mode keyboardist Andy Fletcher dies at 60 Fletcher assumed a low-profile in the group, but was a uniting figure and often the tiebreaking vote in the squabbles of his more famous bandmates.

Who is Dave Gahan’s wife?

Jennifer Sklias-Gahanm. 1999
Teresa Conroym. 1992–1996Joanne Foxm. 1985–1991
Dave Gahan/Wife
Personal life. Gahan has lived in New York City since 1997. He lives with his third wife, Jennifer Sklias Gahan, their daughter, and Jennifer’s son from a previous relationship, whom Gahan officially adopted in 2010. Gahan also has a biological son named Jack from his first marriage to Joanne Fox.

What happened to Andrew Fletcher?

Andrew Fletcher, keyboardist and founding member of British electronic band Depeche Mode, has died at the age of 60. Fletcher’s bandmates took to social media on Thursday to announce his death, while Rolling Stone released that the cause of death was natural causes.