What kind of mouthpiece does AC melody sax use?

tenor mouthpieces
Some players have used modified tenor mouthpieces, while others have found that alto sax mouthpieces work well.

Do they still make C melody saxophone?

The C melody was part of the series of saxophones pitched in C and F intended by the instrument’s inventor, Adolphe Sax, for orchestral use. The instrument enjoyed popularity in the early 1900s, perhaps most prominently used by Rudy Wiedoeft and Frankie Trumbauer, but is now uncommon.

What mouthpiece did Charlie Parker use?

Charlie Parker is also known to have played a Brilhart Ebolin, a Runyon Model 22 and, perhaps surprisingly for an alto player of his style, a metal mouthpiece made by Selmer. He used very hard 4 strength reeds, although he may have begun using softer reeds in the 1950s.

What pitch is alto sax?

Tenor saxophones are tuned to B♭, and alto saxophones are tuned to E♭, but when playing the same note on a score, the fingerings are the same.

Is a saxophone AC instrument?

The saxophone is a transposing instrument. We refer to those instruments that don’t transpose as being in “Concert” key or the key of C.

What mouthpiece did Sonny Rollins use?

Rollins has played, at various times, a Selmer Mark VI tenor saxophone and a Buescher Aristocrat. During the 1970s he recorded on soprano saxophone for the album Easy Living. His preferred mouthpieces are made by Otto Link and Berg Larsen. He uses Frederick Hemke medium reeds.

What is a concert C on alto sax?

Alto and baritone saxes, alto clarinet and most alto horns are Eb instruments: when they play a C it sounds like a Eb on the piano. So, if they want to play a concert Bb scale, they start on a G (they have to think up a six steps in the scale – or down a minor third). Concert C is their A, Concert Ab is their F.

What is a saxophone player called?

Meaning of saxophonist in English. saxophonist.

Why is saxophone in E flat?

The use of the saxophone in marching bands was much more popular than in orchestras so the Bb and Eb lived on and the C and F saxophones became extinct. The use of Bb and Eb simply meant that people writing charts for marching bands only had 2 keys to deal with.