What kind of paintings were created by Antoine Watteau?

He revitalized the waning Baroque style, shifting it to the less severe, more naturalistic, less formally classical, Rococo. Watteau is credited with inventing the genre of fêtes galantes, scenes of bucolic and idyllic charm, suffused with a theatrical air.

What was Jean Antoine Watteau best known for painting?

fête galantes
Accomplishments. Watteau’s paintings of elegantly dressed aristocrats flirting in the landscape led the French Royal Academy to create a new genre to accommodate the painter: fête galantes.

Was Watteau a Rococo painter?

One of the most brilliant and original artists of the eighteenth century, Antoine Watteau (1684–1721) had an impact on the development of Rococo art in France and throughout Europe lasting well beyond his lifetime.

Who influenced Jean Antoine Watteau?

The Flemish painter would become one of his major influences, together with the Venetian masters he would later study in the collection of his patron and friend, the banker Pierre Crozat.

Who is considered the founder of the French Rococo style of painting a Jean-Antoine Watteau?

Jean-Antoine Watteau is largely regarded as the founder of the Rococo style painting….The Embarkation for Cythera (1717) by Jean-Antoine Watteau.

Artist Jean-Antoine Watteau
Dimensions 129 cm x 194 cm

What was the purpose of Rococo art?

Rococo art, sometimes called a “feminized” version of the Baroque style, is associated with the aristocracy. Typically the paintings depict aristocrats or aristocratic leisure-time activities — like courtship rituals, picnics in a harmonious natural environment, excursions to romantic places.

What are the characteristics of the Rococo style of art?

French Rococo painting in general was characterized by easygoing, lighthearted treatments of mythological and courtship themes, rich and delicate brushwork, a relatively light tonal key, and sensuous colouring. Rococo sculpture was notable for its intimate scale, its naturalism, and its varied surface effects.