What Les Paul did Pete Townshend play?

Introduction. In August 1972, Pete Townshend began using Gibson Les Paul Deluxe guitars — primarily cherry sunburst at first — as his main stage guitar, replacing the Gibson SG Special, of which the model Pete preferred had been discontinued and were no longer available in mass quantities.

What guitar did Pete Townshend use?

Fender Stratocaster
Since 1989 Townshend has played a Fender Stratocaster modified to meet his unique needs—and now the Fender Custom Shop is proud to present the Limited Edition Pete Townshend Stratocaster to players and fans. One of Townshend’s hallmarks as a songwriter is his use of intertwined electric and acoustic guitar sounds.

Did Pete Townshend smash good guitars?

To make it easier to repair his broken guitars, he went to great lengths to smash them up as carefully as possible. Yikes. This is all according to his bandmate Roger Daltrey, at least. On the How to Wow podcast, he revealed the careful process behind Townshend’s destruction.

What guitar did Pete Townshend play at Woodstock?

The Gibson SG Special guitar that Townshend played in The Who’s set will go on display at the Hard Rock Café, in Old Park Lane, next month alongside other memorabilia from the 1969 concert.

Who is famous for smashing guitars?

Jimi Hendrix was also known for destroying his guitars and amps. He famously burned two guitars at three shows, most notably the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival.

What guitar did Pete Townshend play on I Can See for Miles?

Pete Townshend considers this the best song he ever wrote. He thought it would be a huge hit and was disappointed when it wasn’t. Townshend’s guitar was overdubbed in the studio….

I Can See for Miles
The Who
Bass 1 3
Drums red red
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Why did Pete Townshend number his guitars?

In 1974, Pete began to have his guitars numbered, owing to the number he took on the road with him. This seems to have been achieved simply with some duct tape and marker. He also seems to have always preferred the LP’s without truss rod covers.