What ligaments attach to sustentaculum tali?

The plantar calcaneonavicular ligament attaches to the medial margin of the sustentaculum tali. Proximal to this are the attachments of the tendon of tibialis posterior, superficial fibres of the deltoid ligament and medial talocalcaneal ligaments.

Where is the sulcus tali located?

The inferior surface of the body of talus presents two articular areas, the posterior and middle calcaneal surfaces, separated from one another by a deep groove, the sulcus tali.

What is the function of sustentaculum tali?

Anatomical Parts At the upper and forepart of the medial surface of the calcaneus is a horizontal eminence, the sustentaculum tali, which gives attachment to a slip of the tendon of the Tibialis posterior.

What passes under sustentaculum tali?

anterior talofibular ligament.

  • posterior talofibular ligament.
  • calcaneofibular ligament.
  • What tendon runs under sustentaculum tali?

    After passing through the tarsal tunnel, the flexor hallucis longus tendon must curve around a bony landmark called the sustentaculum tali.

    Which plantar ligament attaches the sustentaculum tali to the navicular?

    The spring ligament
    Anatomy. The spring ligament fills the gap between the calcaneus and the navicular bone, it attaches from the sustentaculum tali of the calcaneus to the medial-plantar surface of the navicular.

    What does Tali mean in anatomy?

    (tā′lŭs) plural.tali [L., ankle] The ankle bone. It is an irregular, stubby cylinder and articulates with the tibia, fibula, calcaneus, and navicular bone. In front its head has a broad, rounded articular surface that meets the navicular bone.

    Where is the sustentaculum tali located?

    the calcaneus
    The sustentaculum tali is a triangular projection found on the medial surface of the calcaneus, with its base facing posteriorly and apex (Fig 3a) anteriorly. The superior surface contains the middle calcaneal facet.

    Which bone of the foot or ankle has the sustentaculum tali as a component?

    The middle facet lies on a medially projecting process of the calcaneus called the sustentaculum tali (see the image below). It articulates with the middle calcaneal facet on the under surface of the talus.