What muscles does a Macebell work?

Extensor Muscles & Brachioradialis (Forearms): Again, think grip strength. For 360s and 10 to 2s, the posterior and outer anterior forearm muscles will be doing most of the work. Your hands and your forearms will be engaged the entire time.

Is Macebell workout good?

Just like the macebell, the macebell is highly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to challenge the entire body. Due to the large swinging cross-body rotational exercises the macebell is excellent for rotational strength and anti-rotational strength through acceleration and deceleration of the macebell.

What is a Macebell used for?

The macebell was also known as “Gada” has been used in various forms for over 2,000 years, & is now being used to condition our whole body from cardiovascular, to rehabilitation specifics, to endurance training & much more.

What do mace 360s work?

The 360 is an excellent shoulder and core exercise. It puts the shoulder through a large range of motion. A side benefit of this is increased mobility and flexibility along with strength. This builds strength when using a heavier Steel Mace, but when using a lighter steel mace is primarily a mobility/flexibility tool.

What are the benefits of kettlebells?

Benefits of kettlebells

  • 1) Kettlebells give you a stronger grip and more powerful forearms.
  • 2) Kettlebells don’t require a large training space.
  • 3) Kettlebells reduce your overall workout time.
  • 4) Kettlebells provide a workout anywhere, anytime.
  • 5) Kettlebells help you get cardio.
  • 1) Improve your strength and power.

Who is the flowing Dutchman?

Harbert Egberts
#157 | The Flowing Dutchman – Documenting India and Swinging Maces. Harbert Egberts is a personal trainer and founder of Functional Harbeats, a platform, and community that offers rotational strength and conditioning, kettlebell exercises, and other forms of the training protocol.