What phase is best for subwoofer?

Typically, though, phase is left at 0° for most applications. While seated in your listening sweet spot, play music with bass content that is familiar to you and then have someone switch the 0/180 phase switch on the sub to 180-degrees.

Are active subwoofers good?

However despite all the advantages of passive subwoofers, however, active subwoofers still tend to be the more popular choice. They produce a deeper, more impactful sound, and don’t require the purchase or use of any extra components or parts.

How many watts does it take to run a subwoofer?

How much power does a subwoofer use? Most subwoofers use about 150-1000 watts in order to reproduce the sound that they are receiving. The amount of power can be increased by using an amplifier, but if you just want something small and compact, then it is best to stick with speakers that only require 20 or so watts.

What is the best active car subwoofer?

The best powered car subwoofers are:

  • #1 Rockford Fosgate P300-10 – Best Overall Powered Sub.
  • #2 Pioneer TS-WX1210A – Best Single 12 Inch Powered Subwoofer.
  • #3 MTX Audio RT8PT – Best 8 Inch Powered Subwoofer.
  • #4 Kicker Dual 43DCWR122 – Best Dual 12 Inch Powered Car Subwoofer.

Does subwoofer drain car battery?

Car audio systems draw power from the car battery and will drain the battery if the engine and alternator are off or if the alternator cannot charge at a rate faster than what the audio system requires. Aftermarket systems may draw too much power, and poor installation may cause parasitic draw.

What should I set my subwoofer low-pass to?

As a general rule, the Low-Pass Filter should be set at a value approximately equal to (or below) 70% of your main speaker’s lowest frequency response. For example, your speaker’s frequency response goes down to 43Hz. 70% of 43Hz equals 30.1, so you should set the subwoofer’s low pass filter to 30Hz.