What ports does Cisco Rtmt use?

Through the VPN connection, RTMT 10.5 requires port 443 and Secure connection in order to connect to the CUCM or CUC servers. With their firewall settings, the default 8443 port does not allow connection of RTMT local to my pc to their servers. Using the 443 port works.

What port does Cisco TFTP use?

UDP port 69
As has been mentioned by a few people already, when you install TFTP software on your computer, it starts listening for TFTP traffic (in this case, on UDP port 69).

What ports does Cisco Jabber use?

Port Requirements for Jabber

  • 443/TCP.
  • 3478-3481/UDP.
  • 49152-65535/UDP + TCP.

What port does Cisco IP Communicator use?

Ports Used by Cisco IP Communicator IP Communicator is the same as normal IP phone, so it uses these ports: TFTP (UDP 69)—In order to obtain phone configuration and software. SCCP (TCP 2000)—For skinny (SCCP) signaling. HTTP (TCP 80)—In order to access IP Phone services.

What is Rtmt?

The Real-Time Monitoring Tool (RTMT), which runs as a client-side application, uses HTTPS and TCP to monitor system performance, device status, device discovery, and CTI applications for Cisco Unity Connection. RTMT can connect directly to devices via HTTPS to troubleshoot system problems.

How do I install Rtmt?

on your management PC open a webpage to your CUCM and navigate to Application > Plugin. in the next screen either accept the default location to install the software, or select somewhere acceptable to install the RTMT software.

Is TFTP port 69 UDP or TCP?

TFTP uses UDP as its transport protocol. A transfer request is always initiated targeting port 69, but the data transfer ports are chosen independently by the sender and receiver during the transfer initialization.

What protocol does Cisco Jabber use?

Cisco Jabber Port Usage

Port Protocol Description
143 TCP IMAP (TLS or plain TCP) to Cisco Unity Connection
993 TCP IMAP (over SSL) to retrieve and manage voice messages
2748 TCP CTI gateway

What protocol does Jabber use?

Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP, originally named Jabber) is an open communication protocol designed for instant messaging (IM), presence information, and contact list maintenance.

What ports do Cisco IP phones use?

Ports used for IP PHONE are:1718,1719,1720 and also 5060,5061 for SIP.

What ports do Cisco phones use?

From (Sender) To (Listener) Destination Port
Phone Unified Communications Manager 5061 TCP and UDP
Unified Communications Manager Phone
Phone Unified Communications Manager (TFTP) 6970 TCP
IP VMS Phone 16384 – 32767 / UDP