What projected coordinate system should I use?

Web Mercator is a common projected coordinate system designed for web mapping applications. Most of Esri’s basemaps are tiled in Web Mercator, so they can have the greatest compatibility. However, this projection does not preserve areas, distances, or angles.

How do you find the coordinate system of data?

In the table of contents, right-click Layers > Properties, then click the Coordinate System tab. In the Select a coordinate system section, expand Predefined > Projected Coordinate Systems > State Plane.

What XY coordinate system does Google Maps use?

World Geodetic System WGS84 standard
(Google uses the World Geodetic System WGS84 standard.) World coordinates, which reference a point on the map uniquely.

What coordinate system is used for GPS?

Latitude and longitude, and Universal Transverse Mercator are two global coordinate systems commonly used by GPS users.

How do I choose a projection?

When you choose a projection, the first thing to consider is the purpose of your map. For general reference and atlas maps, you usually want to balance shape and area distortion. If your map has a specific purpose, you may need to preserve a certain spatial property—most commonly shape or area—to achieve that purpose.

What is my coordinate reference system?

coordinate reference system (CRS) is a coordinate-based local, regional or global system used to locate geographical entities. A spatial reference system defines a specific map projection, as well as transformations between different spatial reference systems.

Are all GPS coordinates the same?

Later maps are projected on the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD83). This “datum shift” changes the coordinate values of fixed ground points. The shift is different for different coordinate systems. UTM, State Plane, and geographic (latitude/longitude) values change by different amounts.