What restaurants are in the UCF Student Union?

Bento Sushi. Food Court • Hours.

  • Starbucks. 2nd Floor of Food Court • Hours.
  • Chili’s. 407-825-8266 • Atrium • Hours.
  • Huey Magoo’s. 407-823-3859 • Food Court • Hours.
  • Knightstop. 407-823-0626 • Knight’s Hall • Hours.
  • Panda Express. Food Court • Hours.
  • Qdoba. 407-823-2551 • Pegasus Hall • Hours.
  • Smoothie King.
  • Does U of A have a cafeteria?

    There are different eateries, conveniently situated throughout the campus to meet your dining needs for every meal, every day. From cafeteria dining, to national franchises and brands – plus a variety of specialty restaurants and value added meal plans – the University of Arizona will provide you with the very best!

    Does Uconn have a Dunkin?

    Hungry? Look no further than the Student Union! With options ranging from pizza to stir-fry, soda to coffee, the Union has a great variety of food and drink options for you!…Dunkin’ – Closed during Winter Break.

    Open Close
    Thursday 7:30am 11:00pm
    Friday 7:30am 11:00pm
    Saturday 9:00am 11:00pm

    Can you use dining dollars at Starbucks UCF?

    Dining Dollars are not valid at any non UCF Dining Services location. Dining Dollars may not be used for the purchase of alcohol or gratuity. Dining Dollars that are not used in the Fall semester will be carried over and added to the Spring semester Dining Dollars balance.

    Does UCF have Chick Fil A?

    We’re proud to be your nearest Chick-fil-A®, serving freshly prepared food crafted with quality ingredients every day of the week (except Sunday, of course).

    Where can I use my meal plan at U of A?

    Students can use their meal taps at two locations on campus: the Peterson Dining Room and Urban Bytes at Kahlert Village. Meal taps are the most common and straightforward way for students to use their meal plans.

    Where can I use my meal plan U of A?

    Market place meals are available at our all-you-care-to-eat market places: Burge Market Place, Catlett Market Place, and Hillcrest Market Place. The Gold and Black meal plans offer meal swipes for use exclusively in market place locations.

    Is the student union open UConn?

    *Hours subject to change….Fall 2022 Semester.

    Open Close
    Wednesday 7:30am 11:30pm
    Thursday 7:30am 11:30pm
    Friday 7:30am 12:00am
    Saturday 9:00am 12:00am

    What is UConn marketplace?

    UConn Marketplace provides a one-stop shopping experience for customers purchasing a variety of products online from various University departments. With Marketplace, departments can create and maintain their own online storefront (a uStore) to sell products, collect registration fees, and more.

    Does UCF have Chick-Fil-A?

    How much is the UCF meal plan?

    Approximate Cost for the 2021-2022 academic year:

    IES/UCF Activity Individual Cost
    Academic Courses (in-state) Approximately $225 per unit
    UCF Meal Plan (optional) or personal food plan if living on-campus Approximately $ 2,300 per semester for UCF Meal Plan (expenses will vary with the personal plan)