What rushing records does Emmitt Smith hold?

Emmitt Smith is the all-time rushing leader of the National Football League (NFL) with 18,355 career rushing yards. The running back, who spent the majority of his 15-year career with the Dallas Cowboys, became the all-time leader rusher in the NFL in the 2002 season.

When did Emmitt Smith play at Florida?

2003Arizona Cardinals
1990Dallas Cowboys1987Florida Gators football
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Did Emmitt Smith ever rush for 2000 yards?

Emmitt rushed for over 100 yards in 45 of the 49 games he started for Escambia (including the last 28 in a row) and finished with a 7.8 yards per carry average. Twice, he broke the 2,000-yard rushing mark in a season.

When did Emmitt Smith break the rushing record?

October 27, 2002
Emmitt Smith broke Walter Payton’s al-time NFL rushing record back on October 27, 2002, and nearly 20 years later it seems like that record is going to continue to hold for quite some time.

Who holds the single-season rushing record?

back Eric Dickerson
Los Angeles Rams running back Eric Dickerson, who had broken the single-season rookie rushing record in 1983, recorded the second 2,000-yard season in 1984. Dickerson rushed for 2,105 yards, the current NFL rushing record, and averaged 131.6 rushing yards per game.

Who has the most rushing yards in a single season?

Eric Dickerson
Rushing Yards: 2,105 — Eric Dickerson (1984) Eric Dickerson set the NFL’s single-season rushing record with the Los Angeles Rams in 1984, running for 2,105 yards.

What running back has the most rushing yards?

Emmitt Smith
NFL History – Rushing Leaders

Rushing Leaders
1 Emmitt Smith 18,355
2 Walter Payton 16,726
3 Frank Gore 16,000