What should be on an Xray Tech resume?

Here is a list of all top soft skills and hard skills related to the radiologic technologist resume:

  • Supervision.
  • Proficiency in digital radiography.
  • Hospital experience.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Knowledge of diagnostic imaging procedures.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Proficiency with imaging equipment.

What are the duties of an X-ray technician?

The X-ray technician’s responsibilities include monitoring radiology supplies, attending mandatory staff meetings and training sessions, and ensuring that the x-ray machines are set at the correct radiation levels. You should also ensure that all x-ray rooms are clean and tidy at all times.

What types of skills would an X-ray technician need to be good at their job list at least 5 things?

Communication Skills

  • Comforting distressed patients.
  • Compassion for patients.
  • Consulting with physicians.
  • Explaining procedures to patients.
  • Orienting new staff.
  • Remaining calm with agitated patients.
  • Actively listening to patient concerns.
  • Documenting procedures.

How do you put Arrt on resume?

If you’re certified and registered in multiple disciplines, list them like this, usually in the order you earned them: Your Name, R.T.(R)(CT)(MR)(ARRT). If you’re a Registered Radiologist Assistant (R.R.A.), put that credential first. Then add any other ARRT credentials: Your Name, R.R.A., R.T.(R)(ARRT).

What is the purpose of a lead apron in radiology?

Leaded aprons are used for diagnostic x-ray procedures to protect those portions of the body that are not involved in the image. The risk to the patient from diagnostic doses is very small and may even be zero.

What qualities make a good radiology tech?

Q. What personal qualities do successful radiologic technologists have?

  • Interested in establishing a rapport with people.
  • Active listener who’s responsive to patient needs.
  • Takes responsibility, shows initiative.
  • Ability to show compassion.
  • Adaptability to constantly changing imaging scenarios.
  • Attention to detail, organized.