What should my binding stance be?

Angling your binding toward the nose is referred to as a positive angle relative to setting your binding at zero. Setting your binding at zero aligns it completely perpendicular to the edge. Most riders will find a front binding angle of +15-21 degrees is ideal.

Should bindings be centered on snowboard?

A park rider typically sets their bindings up perfectly centered on the board, so they can ride either direction equally as well. They also tend to angle their feet the same amount so that riding switch feels the same.

How far apart should your snowboard bindings be?

A good starting point is to set your bindings at about the same distance as your shoulder width. Measure yourself from one shoulder to the other (or get a friend to help) and that will give you a starting width.

What is a normal snowboard stance?

There are two types of stance: regular and goofy. Regular footed means your left foot is in front and your right foot is in back; goofy footed means that your right foot is in front and your left foot is in back.

Should I center my bindings?

Centering your bindings from edge to edge evenly balances your feet and body on your board, providing stability and warding off toe and heel drag.

Should I narrow my snowboard stance?

Stance Width If your stance is too wide it will be more difficult to manoeuvre the board. Imagine yourself on a snowboard with your feet really wide – it’s going to be really difficult to make any kind of sharp turn. If your stance is too narrow it is going to give the board a really loose, unstable feel.

What snowboard stance is best for Park?

Duck stance
Duck stance is ideal for park riding, but it isn’t required. If your knees or calves don’t feel comfortable in the duck stance, a flat or slightly forward stance will work. Keep a snowboard tool in your pocket whenever you’re riding so you can make binding adjustments on the fly.