What size am I in hockey skates?

A proper fit for hockey skates should fit 1-1.5 sizes smaller than your street shoes. Your toes should barely touch the toe cap, while having no more than 1/4 inch of space in the heel. When you’re finished lacing up your skates, they should feel snug with the foot resting flat on the footbed.

How do I know what size ice skates to get?

Generally speaking, youth and junior figure skates fit a half size down from your regular shoe size, while adult skates generally fit 1.0 size down from your regular shoe size. For example, a woman skater wearing a size 9.0 shoe would select a size 8.0 figure skate.

Should I size up or down for ice skates?

Ice skates are not the same size as street shoes. You should wear skates that are about 1 – 1.5 sizes smaller than the normal-size shoe you wear.

What does D mean in skate size?

Width Sizing If the number is larger than 2.65, a normal width or D width, should be fine (much higher than 2.65, a width of C should be fine). If the number is between 2.5 and 2.65, try a wide or E width. If the number is under 2.5, an EE or extra-wide width may be best.

Should ice skates be tight or loose?

Yes, your figure skates need to be tight enough that your foot is able to lay completely flat without being squished. It’s important your figure skates have a snug fit, and leave zero additional space in the boot.

What is a size 8 in hockey skates?

Senior hockey skates are sized to fit adults and full grown teenagers with a Men’s US shoe size of 7 or greater….Hockey Skates Size Chart.

Recommended Skate Size US Men’s Shoe Size EUR Size
6 7.5 40
6.5 8 40.5
7 8.5 41
7.5 9 42

How tight should hockey skates be around the ankle?

I (usually) recommend that players lace their skates snugly through the middle part of the foot (the part of the foot that needs the most support), but that above the ankle (the top eyelet of the boot) they should keep them somewhat looser. More advanced skaters may choose not to lace the very top eyelet.

What size skates for size 8 shoe?

Skate Size Conversion Chart

Inches Men’s Shoe Size Women’s Hockey Size
9.8 7 7.5 – 8
9.9 7.5 8 – 8.5
10.1 8 8.5 – 9
10.2 8.5 9 – 9.5