What size bead is a pony bead?

Pony beads are barrel shape or donut shape craft beads and are usually made of plastic. The most common size of pony beads is 6x9mm size and has a hole that is about 4mm.

What is a pony bead used for?

Pony beads are very popular for use in many different types of beading projects and craft projects including making bracelets, necklaces, key chains, banners, hair braiding and more. Pony beads are barrel shape or donut shape beads and are made of plastic.

What cord do you use for pony beads?

To make pony bead animals, the best string is stretch cord or elastic cord. These make the craft easy to do and allow for some stretch once the pony animal is done. Basic beading elastic string is a great option.

Why are they called pony beads?

Beads were important for early trade items because they were compact and easily transportable. “Pony” beads, thus named because they were transported by traders with pony pack trains, arrived in the early 1800s.

Are there different sized pony beads?

MADE IN THE USA Pony beads are barrel shape or donut shape beads and are made of plastic. We offer 6x9mm pony beads and hole size is about 4mm. We also have mini pony beads which are 4x7mm with a hole size of about 3mm. They are economical, especially for large bead projects or group bead projects and party activities.

Why are pony beads popular?

Pony beads are plastic or glass beads similar to seed beads, but much larger in size. They are popular with both adults and children as they easy to work with and are available in a wide range of colors, finishes and shapes.

Why is it called pony beads?

How do you tie off pony beads?


  1. Cut a piece of Stretch Magic cord about 14″ long.
  2. Fold a piece of masking tape at one end to keep beads sliding off.
  3. It will take about 16-20 beads depending on size of child’s wrist.
  4. String the beads onto the cord and tie ends in a double or triple knot.
  5. Add a drop of glue on the knot and let dry thoroughly.